Unstable economies can change gold prices today per gram

Gold is one of the top investment vehicles in the world. It is considered a precious metal. Experienced investors purchase gold heavily during times of economic upheaval or to hedge against their other investments. The US dollar is based off the gold standard. However, the price of gold is set based on various derivatives and futures contracts. Overall, prices fluctuate due to speculation. Additionally, many European countries set their dollar based on the gold standard as well. This is done so that the countries remain competitive not only in their local markets but also on a global scale.

Gold Price Fluctuations

The price of gold is driven by demand and supply in addition to speculation. The price of goal used to fluctuate heavily due to production. Depending on the amount of gold that is mined in a locale, prices will reflect how much gold is mined versus how much gold is developed into jewellery or marketable goods. Today, if a countries' central bank, politics and demand for labour is shaken, the price of gold can skyrocket. This has been shown greatly during the 2008 financial crisis all around the world. Gold prices today per gram is 30.33 GBP, but investors need to know that gold prices change day on day.

If you seek to purchase gold, you can do so through allocated or unallocated gold accounts. Investors can purchase gold in bars, as coins, exchange traded products or gold certificates. Sophisticated investors check the gold prices today per gram and will typically purchase gold through a stock exchange along with the advice of their broker.

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