Just what are the current gold prices UK in grams?

If you've decided to hop on the bandwagon and make some money from your old gold, then you may be wondering which of the myriad of "Cash for Gold" sites on the internet are worthy of your attention. With hundreds of these sites, finding one that offers the best value can be tough, but we've got a suggestion for one that offers the best gold prices UK in grams.

Most Cash for Gold resellers on the internet work on the principle of you posting your gold to them for a quote. It's quite a lot of trust to place in a company, so we suggest you check out Cash For Your Gold at cashforyourgold.co.uk. This site earns plenty of kudos from us because they offer the highest price per gram of gold right now in the UK. To give an example of this claim, they will currently pay £11.10 for a gram of nine carat gold, compared to Ramsdens, their nearest competitor, who will offer £9.10 for the same gold. The value just increases as the carat does too!

Helpfully, they even have a calculator on their site to help you work out the value of your scrap gold. All you need to know to be able to use it is the Carat value of your gold, and how many grams you have. Working out the Carat is simply a case of looking out for the Hallmark. The higher the Hallmark, the higher your carat. 999 is 24 Carat for example. A set of small scales will enable you to establish the weight of your gold.

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