British gold sovereign price guide

The British Gold sovereign is a gold coin that is given a nominal value of one pound sterling but in reality they are used as a bullion coin.

Since 1817 each coin has been fabricated using standard specifications such as the use of 22 carat gold and the coins each including exactly 0.2354 troy ounces of gold in each coin.

Minted in a number of different denominations including quarter, half, double sovereign and 5 sovereign coins. Therefore a 2 sovereign (or double sovereign) coin contains double the amount of gold and a half sovereign coin contains half the amount of gold.

Thanks to this specification it has become very easy to price these coins.

For example, 1 sovereign coin = 0.2354 ounces of gold. As of the 4th of August 2011 the gold price per ounce was $1649.09 per ounce.

There for the gold sovereign price guide tells us that the coin is worth $388.20.

Similarly a 5 sovereign coin and a quarter sovereign coin would be worth $1940.98 and $97.05 respectively.

In reality the price for gold bullion coins can differ from this formula down to the premium put on purchasing limited resource items such as the coins.

These premiums however should be small in comparison to the worth of the coins being purchased unless of course your sovereign happens to be an antique coin or in poor condition.

Some rare minting coins may be worth much much more. We would advise you to contact a number of dealers before selling any of your coins and doing as much research as possible to ensure the best deal possible.

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