Gold to Go

In times of crisis and economic uncertainty, gold is the safe haven that many of us turn to, its value traditionally the most stable among precious metals.

And one firm is capitalising on gold's untarnished reputation with the launch of Gold to Go, an ATM that will sell gold bars and coins in various shapes and sizes. The German company behind the machine, Ex Oriente Lux, unveiled its first machine at the Westfield shopping centre in London on Friday. Gold is being touted as a' great gift idea,' with a 1g gold bar, costing about £41, 'about as cheap as a bouquet of flowers but sure not to wither.'

The company added: 'Gold to Go provides private investors with easy, convenient access to physical gold at fair, real-time prices. The ATMs are always online and update their prices every 10 minutes.'

Gold to Go machines have already been installed in Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Italy and the US.

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