Daily changes in gold values per gram

Gold values per gram change daily with current stock markets and economy performance. Normally, gold tends to rise in value if the economy is going through a rough patch; super rich investors place all their currency into gold bullions and gold markets to secure their finance during economic downturn.

This large investment causes a trend to occur with other traders, who see the sudden gold investment as a foreshadow of economy instability. To secure their own finance other investors will follow the steps of the super rich and buy gold, but the gold traders will up their market price in such instances. This happens on a daily basis so the gold values per gram will never be fixed.

Gold is always calculated in dollars and troy ounces. You'll find it difficult to find a real time stock market graph for gold values per gram so you'll eventually have to convert the current market price from troy ounces (and dollars) to find out the worth of your gold.


The carat of your gold (its purity) will also affect the gold values per gram if you sell your gold on. 9 carat gold certainly won't sell as much as a gold bullion, which is normally 99.99 or 100% purity. Always take down the carat of your gold before looking for a real time update.

Real Time Gold Sites

Real time gold value listing sites, such as Bullion Vault (bullionvault.com/gold-price-chart.do), will provide comprehensive gold price listings in troy ounces and dollars. You'll need to note down the current value of gold in troy ounces and dollars before proceeding to find the actual gold values per gram.

Online Calculators

Now that you have the carat of your gold and the current selling price you can use an online gold price calculator, or converter, to calculate gold values per gram and even change the currency to Euros and GBP. Gold Price (goldprice.org/scrap-gold-price-calculator.html) and Dendritics (dendritics.com/scales/metal-calc.asp ) are excellent online calculators to use.

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