Golden bah humbug!

For some, giving money for Christmas is the last resort when you can’t think of anything else. But for well-heeled Christmas shoppers in one Florida community there’s a new way of sharing the wealth at Christmas time – by giving gold bars.

A new cashpoint in a mall in Boca Raton is dispensing solid gold bars rather than raggedy dollar bills. Shoppers need only insert cash or a credit card and use the touch-screen to choose the weight and style of gold they want.

The machine will then release the gold - which can weigh up to ten grams - in a sealed black gift box.

Gold giving machines have already been installed in Germany, Italy, Spain and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, where they are often re-stocked after just two days due to popularity.

The machine monitors the price of gold on a daily basis and could benefit investors by bypassing the hassle of buying gold at pawn shops or over the internet.

Gives a whole new meaning to ‘bah humbug’. Oh yes it does.

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