Google slashes price of Nexus 4

  • janitors, Flickr

Looking for a cheap mobile phone? Well there are plenty of old Nokias knocking around on ebay for a fiver. Oh, not that kind of mobile phone? Well, budget-conscious smartphone users might be intrigued by the latest prices on Google's Nexus 4 smartphone.

These are now available for around £160 for an 8gb model, a reduction of £80 on the original price. The 16gb model is down to £200 from an original £280. The Nexus has been acclaimed for its features and performance, but it seems that Google is still prepared to wage an aggressive price war.

The smartphone market is becoming overheated and makers can no longer rely on winning the war solely on the number of functions they can cram in or how pretty they can make it look. Instead, the focus is returning to the bottom line: price. Google has made a bold move to widen their share of the market, with the aim of getting good word-of-mouth on the phone.

Google's Nexus offers 4.7-inch phone with 720p display, a powerful quad-core processor plus software extras like the photo sphere camera, inspiring favourable comparisons with phones costing a couple of hundred pounds more.

Those buyers who like to look a gift horse in the mouth are wary about the slashed price. There are suspicions that Google has a Nexus 5 ready to launch which will immediately eclipse the Nexus 4, rendering it, in the eyes of technogeeks at least, instantly undesirable.

Those who bought the Nexus at the full price might also be unimpressed at seeing the costs slashed by 33 percent. Nexus buyers who bought the phone at the old price within a couple of weeks of the reduction might be entitled to a partial refund. Other Nexus owners will just have to remind themselves that early adopters pay top dollar for the privilege.

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