Got a bad credit rating? You can still get a loan

To kick-start your loan search, take a look at Loans For Everyone. This company presents a list of lenders that offer loans to people with bad credit ratings. Click on the ‘Bad Credit Loan Lenders’ and you can take a look at the list of institutions can help people who have been refused by other institutions, despite their credit history.

Another source that you can consult is Chance for Loans. This UK company prides itself on its super-simple application service - they offer an online application facility so that you can apply for loans through the internet, not just inquire about them! Just click on their ‘Bad Credit Loans’ link on the left side of their homepage and fill out their online application form. You must be 18 years of age, a UK citizen and have a valid bank account.

Provident Personal Credit is another company to think about. Established over 125 years ago, this company specialises in helping people manage small, unsecured credit, such as those people with bad credit ratings. Complete their online form and you can be eligible to receive between £50 and £500 within just a few days.

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