Got some home insurance?

A new study by Which? magazine has found that many insurance companies don’t include digital downloads in their cover.

Over 100 million tracks downloaded by music lovers last year, yet a third of the leading home insurance providers don’t offer any form of ‘digital information’ cover.

Those that do offer insurance often limit cover to a limit of £1,000.HMV Digital, Play.com, 7digital and Tesco Entertainment let customers to re-download lost tracks – making insurance not an issue.

But iTunes and some other firms stipulate that: ‘Products may be downloaded only once and cannot be replaced if lost for any reason’.

Which? CEO Peter Vicary Smith said: ‘It's surprising that, at a time when the popularity of digital downloads is soaring, insurers aren't offering music lovers the protection they need.

‘People who buy a lot of digital music should double check their home insurance policy to make sure downloads are covered. If they're not, we'd recommend switching to a provider that has entered the digital age.’

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