How to go about getting goverment business grants

Are you looking to finally get your business idea off the ground but you are worried you won't be able to meet the costs of your fledgling start up? It is the dream of many to start their own business, but don't fall into the giving up trap like a lot of others will, there is help out there. Your company may qualify for government business grants, and in this blog we will try to establish whether they are right for you.

The UK Government is eager to help start up companies, and for many years grants were handed out extremely generously. However, that isn't the case anymore thanks to the EU citing fairness of competition rules to prevent it. There still are grants out there, but your company will have to be one that "supports innovation, research and development".

What grants that are available to you from the UK Government can be viewed online at http://www.smallbusiness.co.uk. These grants are generally only for "Proposed Projects" and not projects that have already started. Usually the grant will be a percentage of the total project cost on a so-called "Matched Funding basis". The grants will also be different in Scotland and Wales.

To qualify for these grants, your company will have to have staff numbers below 250. You just need to apply in quite a detailed fashion. You'll need to list a detailed project description, an explanation of the potential benefits of the project, a detailed work plan with full costings, details of your own relevant experience and that of other key managers, completed application forms and a full business plan.

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