Keep afloat with government grants for education

Education is becoming ever more expensive, with daunting tuition fees and escalating living costs to think about. It might be a long shot, but it's worth finding out whether you qualify for any government grants for education.

The education and learning page at www.direct.gov.uk gives you an idea of what might be available for adult learners seeking financial support. These include an Adult Learning Grant, which can offer up to £30 a week to help with education expenses. It also directs your attention to bursaries, which are available for some specific courses or areas of learning.

The Family Action Grants Programme (www.family-action.org.uk) administers a system of grants that are directed primarily at families and individuals across the UK with low incomes, and particularly at those living on benefits.

Grants are very limited in number and amount, and awards are intended to help those who enroll on courses that are likely to improve their prospects of long-term employment.

To be eligible for one of these government grants for education you must be a British national by birth or an asylum seeker or refugee with permission to remain in the UK.  Applicants must be on courses at a college or university that is affiliated to the Educational Grants Service (EGS).

There are no formal limits to the amount that can be awarded, but in practice, sums are usually around £200 to £300. The organisation will only accept one educational grant application from the same applicant per academic year.




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