What are Government Grants for College Students

As a way of encouraging people to stay in or return to education, there are a series of government grants for college students to help make their educational life a little easier. Many of these grants do have to be paid back, although they are interest-free and the government does not expect them to be paid until the student is in steady employment.

The government grants for college students can be applied for by anyone over the age of 16, who is going to full-time education. Certain grants are also available for part-time students or students who are enrolled in a distance-learning programme. Most digital college courses are not covered by government grants for college, as these are classed as “free-time”classes.

All educational grants are means-tested meaning a person must be living on a certain income or below to qualify for the grant. The basic loan, offered by the government is designed to help towards a student’s cost of living while in college and is somewhere around £6500, although people on higher incomes can apply for a smaller grant.

There are also government grants for college, which cover the cost of educational materials relating to their college course. This is designed to help a student pay for important items that will help them on their course. When a student leaves education to join the work force they can earn up to £20,000 before they have to pay their government grants for college back. This is also subject to circumstances and the student’s incomings and outgoings. In order to apply for these grants you should contact your local council offices for more information and an application pack.

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