Government Grants for Small Business

Government grants for small business companies are provided as a means of finance for anyone who is struggling to start their business, overcome financial hardship in difficult economic times, fund innovative new ideas or trade internationally. The government is particularly interested in small independent businesses that show potential to help the UK's economy grow; the grants aren't a "gift" as much but more like an investment on their part.

Most grants and information is provided by the Solution for Business project or by Businesslink.gov.uk. They can provide advice on applying for grants but also offer applications and information on current government grants in more depth than any other business advice organisation.


Start Up Businesses

If you need government grants for a small business start up idea then you could apply for one of the following:

  • Intensive Start Up Support, offered by Businesslink.gov.uk which provides access to certain grants not advertised anywhere else as well as advice on applying for any upcoming government incentives.
  • The "Starting a High Growth Business" scheme, which provides help and finance to companies in specific sectors that have the potential for rapid growth.


Grants for Innovation

The Solutions for Business portfolio also contains a list of grants and schemes for innovative ideas. There is no information on the amount you can receive for the grants but they offer four incentives:

  • The Grant for Research and Development for anyone trying to introduce new technology into their business (only for independent, small or medium-sized businesses).
  • Collaborative Research and Development which provides assistance to companies and small businesses working together to produce innovative business ideas.
  • The Knowledge Transfer Parternship which provides businesses with a grant to hire professionals or a recently qualified graduate who could help their business.
  • The Networking for Innovation scheme, a grant to help businesses build links and networks with local universities/colleges to develop and exploit new ideas.


Overseas Trading

If you're looking for government grants for small business companies trading overseas (or companies trying to trade internationally) then you may be available to receive on of these two grants:

  • The Access to International Market scheme (AIM), which provides grants to allow businesses to access overseas companies and provides finance to fund overseas trading endevours.
  • The Maximising Foreign Direct Investment (MFDI) scheme to help your company to become more attractive to overseas businesses (as opposed to the AIM scheme). This scheme also encourages overseas companies to invest in businesses which are part of MFDI to boost local and regional economies within the UK and not just overseas.

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