The different government grants in the UK available

Whether you need help financially to go back to school or to start up a business, there are government grants in the UK for you. The trick is to take some time to search for the different options and find out what you are eligible for.

The problem is that the government will not openly write to you and tell you which ones you can get and it is time-consuming and difficult to find out what you can get; it’s the exact same with benefits. You could go to your Citizen’s Advice Bureau for help or you can read on to find out more.

Government Grants in the UK for Studying

Grants are different from loans because you don’t need to pay them back. This is something that all students want (and will when the tuition fees rise in 2012). There are a few grants available for studying, depending on the course that you do and your age.

Mature students get grants through their universities – but you have to apply through there. There are government grants for those on part time courses, to help with childcare, tuition fees and costs for study material. Full time students can also get bursaries, especially if they are doing a medical degree or a dance and drama degree.

Governments Grants in the UK for Business

Businesses can also get help. There are start up grants available, including the Solutions for Business grant available to those in England. There are also grants to help companies to grow and expand, including the Skills and Training grant in Scotland.

You do need to meet some criteria to be eligible for the grants so take your time to look through each one carefully. The benefit of grants is that you won’t need to pay them back; you just need to work on your business to help it grow and succeed.

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