An introduction to government home improvement grants

There are a variety of government home improvement grants available to help people who may need financial help with house repairs, construction and modification. These grants are usually available from a person's local authority and are open to homeowners and private tenants as well as council house dwellers. Applying for a grant is straight forward as long as you meet the grant criteria.

The Care and Repair scheme is ultimately designed to help with general home repairs and help to make the home more energy efficient. Many people are faced with huge electric and gas bills in the winter as they try to heat their homes. However, if they do not have adequate loft and cavity wall insulation, much of this money is being thrown away as heat escapes from the home. The Care and Repair government home grants fund the cost of loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, the fitting of energy efficient windows and roof repairs. This is to help maintain heat in the winter, something which is especially important to the elderly.

Other government home improvement grants include help with decorating, damp wall and frame removal as well as necessary modifications made to ensure the life of a disabled person is as easy as possible. Disabled grants include bath and shower refurbishment, the fitting of hand rails, lowering of kitchen and bathroom cabinets and the fitting of ramps and rails in external doorways. If you feel like you qualify for government home grants you can contact your local authority via your local council offices or town hall. You can also find more information via your local benefits helpline if you are receiving any of the major benefits such as Income Support, Disability Living Allowance and Pension Credits.

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