How to apply for government small business grants

There are certain qualifying criteria when applying for government small business grants, and it depends to a certain extent on the  grant that you require, and how much funding you need and what you are going to use the funding for. It also depends upon the organisation who you are applying to as to how stringent the application process is.

The application process can be quite lengthy and competition may be tough, particularly in the current economic climate. Once you have found the appropriate funding opportunity, you will need to ascertain what the process is for applying. The website may provide comprehensive information, or alternatively you can write, email or telephone to request information on the application process. Read the application guidance thoroughly and ensure that you fully understand what is required.

Sometimes, with applications you may be required to submit supporting documentation such as a business plan. If you already have a business plan tray and tailor it to the application for your funding. If you do not have a business plan then you will need to put one together. Take some time on this and ensure that at the very minimum it contains the following information; aims and objectives of your organisation, what it aims to achieve, outline its strengths and viability as an idea.

Government funding bodies will be reluctant to provide funding for business ideas which are not viable or that will not work. It is up to you to prove, through your business plan that it will work. Include information about your current finances, how much you have already invested in the company shows that you are committed to making the company work. Provide a statement about what you would like the funding for, how it will be used providing a breakdown if possible. Before you send your application, check that you have filled it in correctly and all of your supporting information has been attached.

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