Governments Grants for Energy Savings

Energy efficiency is funded in several ways but the most common way to make your home energy efficient is to apply for the governments energy grants. These may be provided through energy companies or direct, but they're a sure way to help you save money on your energy bills and reduce the country's carbon footprint.


Popular Grants

The governments most sought grants for energy efficiency are renewable energy grants. If you need money to make your home more effective for renewable energy consumption, such as using solar panels or wind turbine power, then you're likely to receive a good amount of funding from the government, or through your energy provider, to do so. They may not meet all costs but they're guaranteed to put a substantial amount towards the overall project.


Utility Funded Grants

Utility funded grants are non-repayable grants to help you meet the cost of making your home more energy efficient. The costs could be towards insulation, double-glazing or replacement doors if you're losing a lot of heat. However, the governments grants for utility funds aren't able to meet the demand of an entire nation, so you must meet certain criteria before you can apply (i.e., be over 70 or earn a low income). These grants are running out quickly though and you should think about applying soon to meet predicted energy bill rises.


Clean Energy Cashback

The governments grant for Clean Energy Cashback is a scheme which allows households that generate under 5 megawatts could receive an index-linked, tax free payment for every kilowatt hour of energy produced.


Renewable Heat Incentives

The Renewable Heat Incentive scheme is aimed at households who want to use "greener" heating alternatives, such as solar hot water panels, but can't meet the cost for this. If you're interested in this kind of grant, apply as soon as you can; only 25,000 households will be served before the scheme is closed.

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