An Overview of Grant Funding for Individuals

Grant funding for individuals are sums of money given by charity funds to people that meet their eligibility criteria. They are offered as grants or awards and they don’t have to be reimbursed. Charitable funds are very individual organisations and have specific requirements and conditions.

Funding Organisations

Organisations that desire to support a certain category of individuals can do it through charitable funds. Here are some of the charitable funds in UK:

  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Family Fund, Local Authority Social Services Department, Elizabeth Finn Care
  • MacFarlane Trust, Masonic Samaritan Fund, Motability
  • The Severn Trent Water Charitable Trust Fund
  • United Utilities Trust Fund
  • Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution

Types of Grants

Grants are given by each charitable fund in its own particular manner. Each fund targets a certain category of people. Here are some of the most common types of grants:

  • Regular sums of money for living expenses
  • One-ofs grants that are for a specific item
  • Educational grants for individuals
  • Vouchers to allow you to get a specific item from a specific store
  • Funding for job prospects or grants for a small business
  • Housing services
  • Financial advice
  • Medical or health care services

Eligibility Criteria

Each fund has its own category of interest. Depending on this, you may or may not qualify to get grant funding for individuals. Here are some categories that may qualify:

  • Low income families with disabled children (not necessarily)
  • People with certain disabilities, such as the mobility disabled
  • People in a certain group such as war veterans, HIV infected by accident
  • People that live in a certain area of the UK
  • People that cannot pay their utilities, such as the United Utilities Water customers
  • Certain nationalities or certain faiths such as Freemasons
  • People that work or have worked in a particular industry

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