Grab a share of postgraduate grants and scholarships

Even with student funding under pressure from all sides, there are still many grants and scholarships available for postgraduate courses. It's worth studying the applications procedure in depth in case you are eligible for financial support.

You'll find a substantial number of scholarships and postgraduate grants listed at www.scholarship-search.org.uk. Key in your subject area and check what is available.

Subjects covered on their list of eligible postgraduate courses range from agriculture to veterinary studies with a whole bunch of subjects (many of which do not involve animals!) in-between.

Understandably medicine is well-represented, with 40 postgraduate medicine scholarships from 26 different awarding bodies available at a range of different universities, including Glasgow, East Anglia, Essex and Liverpool.

Less obviously, the performing arts are also supported by postgraduate scholarships, with 43 awards available across a range of arts at universities ranging from Bournemouth to Aberdeen.

Some awards may come with stringent conditions, or be aimed at a particularly narrow section of qualified students. Study the small print carefully, and don't apply unless you fit all the qualification criteria.

For PhD funding, some UK Research Council awards are available to UK citizens. EU nationals may qualify for a fees only award.There are 7 separate Research Councils dealing with different subjects, from Arts and Humanities to Science and Technology.

These grants and scholarships are not made directly to students, but are allocated to university departments and supervisors who advertise for suitable candidates to receive these awards. If you think you qualify, apply directly to the university department or research institute where you intend to undertake a research degree.


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