A Guide to Grants for Children With Disabilities

The Family Fund is a non-profit organisation which provides a variety of grants for children who are living with disabilities. Each year the fund provides 57,000 families with over £34 million in grants. To many families this is much-needed support as well as an essential lifeline.

In order to qualify for one of the many grants for children,you must be the parent or guardian of a disabled child living in the UK. You will also need to be in receipt of at least one of a variety of benefits including child tax credits, housing benefit and incapacity benefit. Unfortunately, the Family Fund has limited funding and not all disabled children will be able to take advantage of the grants for children. Because of this, they also have strict criteria when it comes to the disabilities the child experiences.

Unfortunately, children whose main difficulty is asthma, allergies or eczema do not qualify for one of the grants for children by Family Fund. This also applies to children with learning difficulties such as dyscalculia and dyslexia. Children who have a serious disability with complex needs as well as children with a serious or life-threatening illness may qualify for a grant. It is also important to note that children who have already qualified in the past for a grant, may qualify again if their circumstances have not changed or have worsened.

The grants for children with disabilities by Family Fund are designed to improve a child's quality of life as well as that of the child's family. To claim for a Family Fund grant you can visit their website or talk to an advisor over the phone.

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