Grants for Computers for Schools

Grants for computers in schools is government-backed funding, which has been designed to enhance curriculum development. Since the 1990s, computers have grown in popularity, with many homes owning at least one personal computer. Computers in the classroom offer enhanced opportunities for children and bring a whole new way of learning in to schools. However, the cost of fitting out a school with computers and their accessories is expensive,which is why the government introduced educational grants for computers.

The Enhancing Education grant is specifically designed to help all students become computer literate before they move on to high school. When a school receives the Enhancing Education grant they are able to buy computers, software and related technology to go straight in to the classrooms. Millions of pounds has been spent on these grants for computers in the last five years and the projected spending for the next five year is set to double.

Distance Learning grants are primarily focused on the institutions that deliver educational instruction through computer technology. Individual students who are receiving home schooling or are part of a community-funded education Centre can apply for these grants for computers. The grant money is used is to provide basic computer equipment to those who need it the most as well as the software needed to provide one-to-one learning through the Internet. This grant is not yet fully off the ground, and has only been awarded on a handful of occasions.

School and community libraries can also benefit from the grants for computers programme. Funding is designed to facilitate important links between community and education-based libraries across the country.

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