Bursaries and Grants for Education Available

When you’re looking for a way to fund your education, a student loan is one of the first thoughts. However, there are a number of bursaries and grants for education available. Here are just a few that you can choose from.

For those studying dance or drama courses, there is a bursary for you. The money is a scholarship, which you will need to apply for, and is to be used on course fees and living costs. Many drama and dance students don’t get a student loan because their course is not covered, which is why this bursary is available.

There is also an Adult Learning Grant, which is available to those who are going back to education. Applicants can receive up to £30 per week to help pay towards their chosen course or to help with other areas financially.

Family Action is just one charity that is able to offer a wide variety of grants for those who are continuing on with their learning, whether they are going straight from school or are going back after some time off. The Mid-Yorkshire Social Work Fund is just one example, which is available for those who are studying in selected areas of West and North Yorkshire, including the University of Bradford, University of York and Bradford College. Each student can receive £500 per year of their study.

There are many requirements for any of the bursaries or grants for education that you find and it is worth finding out what they are and making sure you are eligible before you apply.

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