Grants For Housing Repairs

Do you own or live in a house that needs some work done but cannot afford to make the necessary changes without financial help? Good news: you might be able to qualify for grants for housing repairs to carry out any much needed repairs on your property. Thanks to the recession, a lot of people are unable to afford the housing repairs that their accommodation desperately needs. Tenants of housing associations cannot apply for these grants, but tenants and landlords can both be eligible for financial aid to cover the cost of repairs.

There are seven different grants available that will help both landlords and tenants improve the quality of their home, or undertake repairs. It depends on the specific type of work that needs doing, the area that the house is in and individual circumstances as to which grants you should apply and qualify for.

Although there are several different types of grant aid available, they are awarded based on priority. Those who apply for grants such as for help covering the cost of installing disabled facilities or grants for repairs are the top priority. Those who apply for grants for HMO work, (houses in multiple occupation) are considered low priority and therefore funding is less likely to be approved.

Through a renovation/repair grant, it is possible to complete a variety of tasks such as eradicating damp, replacing roofs, add central heating systems, adding a fire escape and even repairing plaster. To qualify for a grant to cover repair work, the house must be 10 years or older and not meet Housing Executive standards.

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