Get in tune with the latest grants for musicians

Whether you are a classical violinist or an aspiring singer-songwriter, there comes a time where you need a period of study or extended tuition to help your progress. Grants for musicians could help you afford the professional assistance required to hone your talent.

For an idea of some of the grants available to aspiring professional musicians, the Musicians Benevolent Fund website at www.helpmusicians.org.uk is a good starting place.

For postgraduate music students, the Musicians Benevolent Fund works in close collaboration with the UK conservatoires to administer Postgraduate Performance Awards from February 2012. Outstandingly talented young artists audition for awards and scholarships to help with the costs of study and maintenance. Individual awards range from £1,000 to £5,000 in addition to some professional development opportunities.

Songwriters studying on commercial and popular music degree courses are eligible for entry for a Songwriting award. Shortlisted candidates are selected to perform for a  panel of well-known songwriting experts at a showcase final in London.

The Sybil Tutton Award is for students on postgraduate opera courses, to assist with study and maintenance costs. Candidates are chosen on a nominations only basis, by department heads  from the conservatoires, music colleges and National Opera Studio.

The Guilhermina Suggia Gift of £1,500 is decided by competitive audition among young cellists. This is a biennial award with the next round of auditions scheduled for October 2012.

The Performing Rights Society (www.prsformusicfoundation.com) also has a range of funding for musicians, whether for specific commissions, new work, festivals or projects. Check the details of their grants for musicians on the website.

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