New grants for nurses for 2012 courses

With a constant demand for dedicated and trained staff at the NHS, grants for nurses are being maintained to encourage people to pursue nursing as a career path.

Details of changes to the grants and bursaries system are outlined on the National Health Service Careers website at www.nhscareers.nhs.uk, along with advice on applying for courses and financial support.

From 2012 all students on university courses in nursing, studying for a qualification leading to registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, will qualify for some degree of financial help from the NHS while on their course.

Students who have been accepted onto approved courses will usually have their tuition fees paid in full and can apply for additional financial support in the form of a bursary. Check in advance with your university, college or educational institution to check that your course is approved by the NHS for bursary purposes.

Bursaries will start at a minimum level of £1,000 grant each year. Further sums are means-tested, with amounts extending to an additional £4,395 per year. Students in London will qualify for an additional weighting supplement taking them up to £5,460.

The new measures will only apply to students starting their nursing course in 2012 when the new rules come into force. Existing students will remain on the current structure.

Students who are starting NHS-funded courses in 2011 will usually have their tuition fees paid in full and are eligible for a bursary. For students on approved degree programmes the amounts will be means-tested. Student bursary grants for nurses on the approved diploma of higher education programmes are not means-tested.



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