Grants for Pre-Registration Course Nursing Students

Financial support and grants for nursing students on a pre-registration nursing course are set out in guidelines by the NHS. Courses must lead to registration as a nurse; you cannot already be registered (pre-registration courses are normally counted as first degrees or some form).


Course Fees

Eligible students will have all their course fees paid for with the grant. Note that this is entirely different from a student loan in most cases and may be handled by the NHS's funding scheme. The course fees are paid directly to your employer or institution in two set amounts.



Grants for nursing students are £1,000 per year. This isn't a means-tested grant (i.e., based on financial income or need) and is available to all students on a pre-registration course.


Additional Grants/Bursaries

Some students may be eligible for a larger bursary of up to £4,395 per year. This is a means-tested grant based on need, ability to meet funding requirements (living costs) and your financial information, normally your overall household income. Students studying in London can receive more, usually up to £5,460 per year. The amounts listed are correct as of September 2012 but may change in the future.


Course Eligibility

Your course must be approved by the NHS to receive any funding at all. Contact your institution prior to accepting any offers to make sure you are eligible for nursing funding.


Applying for Grants for Nursing Students

You can find out more about grants, bursaries and other financial support available for nursing students from the NHS website at NHSBSA.nhs.uk/students.

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