Top tips to remember when applying for grants for projects

As you probably already know, the application process when applying for grants for projects is a time consuming business and can be very frustrating at the best of times. Keep our tips in mind and hopefully it will help you to be ready for a long application process.

  1. Apply as early as possible for the grant as funding runs low very quickly. There will also be less competition at an early stage, giving you a distinct advantage in the later stages.
  2. Make personal contact with the awarding body before you apply for some great advice.
  3. Keep informed about any changes and attend as many meetings as you can.
  4. Don't start the project until you have applied as the awarding body will presume you're not depending on the money.
  5. Make sure you are asking for the grant for a specific project and not for business development
  6. Make sure your application proposals will benefit the local community and are in line with the awarding bodies objectives.
  7. Never lie or exaggerate about your project but be as positive about it as you possibly can.
  8. Having an excellent business plan is vital to accompany your application. If you are planning on using an older one, make sure to update it.
  9. Convince the awarding body that you are depending 100% on their grant or else the project will not move ahead.
  10. Make sure you have funds available to match the award as it is extremely rare that you will receive 100% funding for your grant!


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