The Grants for Schools Available for Families

No matter whether your child is going to a state school or a private school, there are costs that you need to think about. Because of that, many parents start to worry how to make ends meet. However, there are some grants for schools available, especially for those families that are on low incomes.

School uniforms are now the norm in many schools across the country; even primary schools have some type of uniform in place. The problem is affording that uniform. There are certain people that will be able to apply for the School Clothing grant, which helps towards the cost of the uniform and footwear for children. This is mainly for those who receive working tax credits, income support and other government benefits. These grants are given in the form of book vouchers.

For those who have children that go to a private school, there are some grants available. Many of these grants are available through the school that the child is attending and must be applied for though the correct channels. They are available for those parents who are on low incomes, so a child is not left out.

For those students that want to continue with their education, there are other grants for schools in place. The EMA, Education Maintenance Allowance, is available for those from low income families between the ages of 16 and 19. Students receive up to £30 per week to help with the costs of courses, books and other fees that they may have to pay. This can be applied for though government websites and a link can be found through direct.gov.uk.

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