Student Grants for Single Parents

University can be quite costly, and even more so if you have children to take care of. The cost of trying to find childcare and funding this can be quite a strain on your studies, especially if you have to work to fund this. However, to help parents meet the cost of caring for their children and their studies, the government and Student Finance introduced a few new grants for single parents and extra financial measures.


Maintenance Loan

You're still entitled to the full maintenance loan like any other student, more so if you're the only person bringing money into your home and have children dependent on you. You should receive the full amount. However, the grant you receive, which is not repaid, is a little bit different.


Maintenance Grant

Maintenance grants in the case of single parents studying is replaced by a Special Support Grant. It's the same amount as a maintenance grant but doesn't deduct off your maintenance loan (so you're set with an extra £100 more than other students) and does not count as a form of income.



Because the Special Support Grant doesn't count as a form of income you're still entitled to receive certain benefits, such as Income Support, if you don't have a job. Check with your local Jobcentre and find out how much you're entitled to.


University Grants

University's also set up special grants for single parents studying. These are normally to pay for childcare costs and can be anything from a £500 lump sum to regular payments. Check with your educational institution to see what kind of single parent grants you can receive to help you financially.

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