Where to get grants for a small business in 2011

Have you got the entrepreneurial spirit? Are you looking to set up your own business and wondering if there are any grants to help you out? The good news is that there are, and applying for them isn't as difficult as you might think! In this blog we're going to advise you on applying for grants for a small business in 2011.

Before we continue, it's worth pointing out that you will be much more likely to succeed in your application for a grant if your business is one that supports innovation, research and development. Since the advent of the European Union, grants for every day businesses have all but dried up from the UK government, so if you are looking for a grant, you are going to have to show why you deserve it.

What grants that are available from the UK Government can be viewed at smallbusiness.co.uk. These grants are generally only for "Proposed Projects" and not projects that have already started. Usually the grant will be a percentage of the total project cost on a so-called "Matched Funding basis". The grants will also be different in Scotland and Wales.

All businesses with staff numbers below 250 are open to apply for these grants. You just need to apply in quite a detailed fashion. You'll need to list a detailed project description, an explanation of the potential benefits of the project, a detailed work plan with full costings, details of your own relevant experience and that of other key managers, completed application forms and a full business plan.

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