How to Get Grants For Training

Local Development Agencies work within their local communities, offering grants for training to community and voluntary groups. Aside from giving out money in the way of grants, they also offer help and support to various sections of the community. Different areas of the UK have different funding organisations. Usually if you contact your local authority direct, they can help you contact your nearest Development Agency.

Specialist agencies offer many different types of grants for training. Usually private or lottery-funded, they offer grants in all sections of education including arts and technology. They also provide grants to homeless people to help them get back on their feet and provide the necessary training to help them adjust to society and eventually a work environment.

Your local council, or government agency, will also offer a number of training grants, including grants for the unemployed, under-18s and for people living with disabilities. Government grants for training can also be used to train personnel, with a view to making improvements to areas such as social care, sheltered housing and assisted living. Recently, the government introduced new grants for the training of social workers, after identifying this as a sector that desperately needed more man power.

Government training grants can also cover things such as library services. This allows a community service to stay free for the local area. In order to find out if you qualify for any grants for training, you can contact the funder direct. Your local council offices can provide a full list of government-backed grants and help you sees if you fit the strict criteria. Specialist firms advertise on the internet and through business links, although your local council can usually provide information of your closest firms.

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