Get to work on your masterpiece with grants for writers

Have a great idea for a book, but can't afford the time and expense of doing the research? If your idea and experience meet with approval, it's just possible that you might qualify for one of those elusive grants for writers.

The Arts Council (www.artscouncil.org.uk) offers grants for the arts. This includes literature, specifically fiction and poetry, but not usually non-fiction. Applicants should have a proven track record or outstanding original vision, and preference is given to works with an obvious capacity to engage public interest. There is a separate application process in Scotland at www.scottisharts.org.uk.

The Society of Authors (www.societyofauthors.org/grants) is a good place to start a search for funding. Many grants, prizes and awards for writers come under their control, including the Roger Deakins Award, the Michael Meyer Award, and the K Blundell Trust.

The K Blundell Trust offers grants to British authors under the age of 40 whose project is for a British publisher. The work, fiction or non-fiction, must have the aim to increase social awareness of its subject matter. Authors intending self-publication are not eligible for this award.

The Authors' Foundation offers grants for authors with projects already associated with a British publisher. Grants are intended to cover the costs of  research or for the author to be able to take time off to write. The Foundation does not give grants or awards for writers who intend to self-publish.

For advice on grants for writers worldwide, including substantial awards in Europe and North America, check the listings at www.fundsforwriters.com.

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