Important Grants From the British Government

One of the most important grants available from the British government is the FWA grant. This is also known as a crisis loan and is designed to help a person or family in desperate need. This type of grant has to be used to buy necessary adult or child’s clothing or to pay important utility bills and other essential household items. The grant can also be used to provide essential repairs to the person’s home.

In order to qualify for this grant the person must prove that without the FWA grant their quality of living will be significantly reduced. The person must also be receiving a means-tested benefit such as jobseekers allowance or income support. The grant does eventually have to be paid back and is usually done so by the person making small payments from their benefits.

The child’s Disability Living Allowance grant is another one of many important grants available from the British government. This grant or benefit is not means-tested and is paid to a child’s parent to help pay for extra expenses relating to their mobility and care. A child can qualify for the care component from birth but is not entitled to the mobility component until they reach three years old. There is also the option for a parent of a disabled child to use part of this grant to obtain a car. This ensures a child who has restricted mobility can get to hospital appointments and other important places relating to their disability.

The care component is designed to pay for any extra care the child may need because of their disability including a registered carer, home adaptations and wheel chair equipment. A parent can also apply for a carer grant from the British government although this is unrelated to the child's disability benefit.

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