Grants and Scholarships from Your University

Most people think they only grants and scholarships available to them are from the Student Loans Company. Luckily, the small amount they give most students needn't be your only source of income - universities are always willing to offer something to their students and provide a good list of potential grants for their students.


Low Income Students

If you applied for the full maintenance grant from Student Finance you should be eligible for grants and scholarships designed especially for low income students. The average amount for a bursary of this kind is around £1000, split up into two amounts per year. You must check with your university about the criteria for this grant and don't leave applying to late - your university won't always put the grant in automatically simply based on your Student Finance information.


Alumni Students

Certain grants and scholarships are available for students who previously studied at their chosen institution. For example, if you studied an Access to HE course you're likely to be given a financial incentive to entice you to pick the same institution.


Excellence Awards

Don't think all that hard work in college was for nothing. To attract the very best students, universities offer specialist grants and scholarships to excellent students who obtained outstanding results in their A-Levels. You must apply directly to the university for this and must, in some cases, already be enrolled at the university. Your application will be decided alongside other potential applicants from the same university; the amount of awards given out in each academic year will depend entirely on your institution.

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