Applying for Grants to Individuals

If you're in need of cash for a good cause, or are simply struggling financially through no fault of your own, you could consider applying for grants to individuals, provided by trusts and charitable organisations. These grants are notoriously harder to obtain as they require a good application and a lot of work to find the right organisation, but if you're in need and you meet the trust's given conditions you should have no problem applying.


Where Can I Find Grants for Individuals?

Many websites set up searchable databases full of available grants from organisations, such as family-action.org.uk and turn2us.org. You can normally type in your basic information, such as background, gender, age and religion (all of which charities may have specific criteria relating to this) and search through a list of organisations that appear. You will also be provided with contact details to apply for grants.


How Do I Apply?

Each organisation differs when they provide grants to individuals. Some only allow applications by post in writing, or by application, or online. The database search should tell you how to apply for the grant and how the trust expects to be contacted.


What Should I Include in the Application?

You should answer all questions given and provide all evidence requested. Try to answer the question only and provide relevant information and include further contact details.


When Will I Receive the Grant?

This depends entirely on the organisation you apply to. Grants for individuals in this case are normally considered at least once a year (sometimes more), but normally on a quarterly or twice yearly basis. Once the trust has reviewed your application they'll let you know if you're eligible.


How Much Can I Get?

Grant giving organisations have a lot of potential applicants. They normally only provide one-off fees for certain needs, but if you apply to enough grants you may be able to rise any cash you need. Grants to individuals range from £200 to £1,000 in most cases.

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