We check out grassroot grants for Barnet business setups

If you're planning on setting up a brand new business in the Barnet area, then you might be eligible for some great grassroot grants for Barnet business operators. With the United Kingdom's government doing everything it can in order to stimulate the growth of the economy, they have made available a number of great grants aimed at helping new business owners make a real go of becoming a success.

You can check out the full details at www.barnet.gov.uk/index/advice-benefits today, but in the mean time we'd like to talk you through some of the things that are offered, and the eligibility requirements that you will need to fulfil.

In order to be eligible for one of these grants of up to £10,000, your business must be set up in response to a number of identified needs. The grant can help you with specific events, purchases or any other once off, or non regularly recurring expenditure. The grants are available for one year at most, and you may use them in order to contribute towards capital and revenue costs.

In order to be eligible for this scheme, you'll need to present a funding plan showing how you plan on maintaining your business once the grant has come to an end. You'll also need to show in your business proposal that you can meet one of the following criteria;

Support people to be independent or lead active lives; strengthen individuals' resilience in challenging times; promote health and health outcomes; support people in changing behaviour; promote mixed communities; help make sure that Barnet remains a safe and healthy place to live, work and study; reduce crime; reduce inequalities; promote conditions that make it easier for children to develop important skills; promote waste minimisation; ensure that town centres remain vibrant places to live and work; protect and enhance the natural and built environment so that the area remains clean and green.

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