Great deals on offer from Coop young drivers insurance

Are you a young driver looking for a fair deal on your car insurance premium? It's fair to say you won't be able to get a reasonable quote on an annual comprehensive premium, but there are alternatives out there - and one of them is Coop young drivers insurance, so let's take a look.

The Coop claim they can save 51% of under 25s up to £477 on their initial car insurance premium. They do this by offering a "Pay As You Go" style insurance premium in which doing less miles is rewarded by a lower premium. They do this by installing a "Smartbox" in your car. So what's a Smartbox?

Supplied by in car technology experts Cobra Systems, the Smartbox is a piece of telematics technology that tracks the amount of mileage that you do, and adjusts the premium that you will have to pay accordingly. It's small and unobtrusive, and could fit in the palm of your hand. It tracks and records driving information like your average speed and how hard you brake to how fast you take corners and what time of the day you do your driving.

The measurements the machine take are recorded and uploaded to a webpage you can access which will deliver tips on how to improve your driving performance. It is also used to work out your next premium. This service is available to all drivers below the age of 25, and you can check it out at co-operativeinsurance.co.uk. It's well worth a look if you are trying to get a better deal on your car insurance.

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