Great Information on window grants for homeowners in the UK

Can you get window grants for home owners in the UK? The good news is that there is grants available. With energy costs rising rapidly, by upgrading to double glazed windows you can cut your heat loss by up to 50%. So, if due to the current hard economic times you are finding it difficult to raise the funds to upgrade your windows, waste no more time and money and look into the government grants today to see if you are eligible.

A successful grant application will hinge on a number of criteria being met. Factors that determine a successful application include your age, your local authority, and the amount of benefits that you may be in receipt of. These factors will all be taken in to account in your application for a Double Glazing Grant. A website where you will find more answers to some of the questions that you may have is www.energychoices.co.uk.

Another great website with very good information on the grants is www.direct.gov.uk. If when you look at these websites and you are still none the wiser you then should talk directly to the Environmental Health or Housing Department of your local council. Another way of finding information is by contacting The Energy Saving Trust on 0845 727 7200.

Window grants for home owners in the UK can be a long procedure with long council lists so you will be well advised to be persistent with your application. Get through these testing economic times we are living in and apply today for a window grant and see how much you can save. .

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