Applying for green business grants

Green business grants do exactly what they say on the tin; they're funding incentives and awards for businesses who are environmentally friendly, or are looking to fund a new project/business change to make their company green. Since the government is trying its hardest to make positive changes in all areas to impact the environment you're sure to find something to help you.

However, before applying for a grant you need to consider what details you want to give and exactly what you need the grant for. Telling a grant giving organisation what you will do with the money - every penny, in every detail - is the most important aspect of applying for green business grants.

Grants and incentives are run by a variety of local councils, organisations and schemes, so you need to know exactly what you want to do before searching for grants. By knowing your own angle in every detail you'll be able to pinpoint the right organisations to fund your project, and produce an effective proposal.


Basics of Your Application

  • Scope your project. Clearly define what you are looking to do and how you will achieve it.
  • Describe the nature of your project, or make sure your scope includes this to help organisations see your eligibility straight away; most grant giving organisations only provide green business grants for certain specific areas.
  • Describe in your application how you will use the support specifically in each area - and how the method of support you have picked (as grants can come in lump sums, instalments or have some form of repayment) is the best for your project.
  • Quantify the environmental effects of your project. Grant organisations love statistics and factual information more than philosophical, heart-warming ventures. If your project can statistically be proven to be effective - for example, you can show that no other company is doing the same thing and you want to set an example in your area - you're more likely to receive a grant.
  • Cost the project. Don't just estimate a ridiculous amount of funding - the organisation providing the green business grants will want you know how every single penny is being used.
  • Provide an up to date business plan. Make sure your business nature is clear as well as the potential benefits of funding.


Finding Green Business Grants

  • Check with your local Businesslink organisation, or on their online website. For any business this is normally the best start for funding incentives as they have an up to date list of current schemes and grant ideas.
  • Use grant search databases, such as j4b.co.uk.
  • Use your business contacts to find green business grants, who may be able to help you. If you know of an environmentally friendly business in your area, ask them if they received any grants and where you can find them.

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