Do Green Flag provide car insurance for UK customers?

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Car insurance is an expense that most of us would rather not have to pay. The rates have risen to an all time high and our pockets may feel slightly empty after renewing our premium. As well as insurance, we all need breakdown cover. Green Flag are one of the UK's best providers of breakdown assistance but unfortunately Green Flag don't do car insurance.

If you are looking for a competitive car insurance quote, we suggest you check out one of the many comparison websites to find you the best deal. Some of the most popular UK comparative websites include:

  • Confused.com
  • Gocompare.com
  • Moneysupermarket.com

If you are looking for award winning breakdown cover that starts at just £20 for the whole year, we suggest you check out the Green Flag website at greenflag.com. When you purchase breakdown cover with Green Flag, you are purchasing personal cover. This means that no matter what vehicle you are travelling in, you are covered!

Green Flag aim to be with all of their customers in less than 30 minutes. They are so confident that they will be with you within an hour that they will even give you £10 cashback if they aren't.

Breakdown cover starts at just £20 for a standard rescue service. There are 5 options to choose from:

  • Rescue
  • Rescue Plus
  • Recovery
  • Recovery Plus
  • Euro Plus

To find out more about any of their breakdown cover options you can call them on 0845 246 2766 or visit them online at greenflag.com.

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