GTBank's online banking services

Internet banking has obvious advantages over more conventional forms. It allows 24 hour access to your account, and makes your banking hub available anywhere in the world, assuming you have an internet connection. And it is of course much more convenient to conduct banking business from the comfort of your own home.

But is there anything which makes the GTBank online banking system particularly special? As well as being built around a well established system of strong security, protecting all of your finances and personal information, GTBank's internet banking service is designed so that it allows you even greater communication with the bank, providing you with all of the latest important information, or available product upgrades, automatically when you sign in.

Not only can you use GTBank's online banking to monitor your account details, transactions and balances, you can also print statements for your own records, manage your cheques, and pay your utility bills online.

Furthermore, you can use your computer to transfer funds between your own accounts and the accounts of other people, even transferring foreign currencies from your account to people anywhere in the world.

You can also use the GTBank's internet banking service to pay for your US Visa fee, and book flight tickets with several airlines including British Airways, Lufthansa and Delta Air Lines.

To register your account now, print off the application form at gtbank.com/products/e-banking/internet-banking.html, complete it with your bank account details and personal information, and bring the finished form to your local branch of the GTBank.

GTBank warns you that they will never communicate with you by email asking you to provide your PIN numbers, in response to numerous attempts to scam customers in this way in recent years.


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