Guaranteed bank accounts in the UK

Unfortunately, in the United Kingdom if you do not fit the description of a low-risk customer, most banks will either have you jump through hoops to open an account or just flat out refuse to give you one. Fortunately, there are plenty of guaranteed bank accounts available in the UK, which means everyone, regardless of their past credit history and financial relationships can enjoy the benefits of a bank account.

In this day-and-age, 99% of people could not function without a bank account. This is not just from a savings point of view but also from a everyday banking point of view. Very few employers pay in cash anymore, preferring to pay weekly or monthly in to their employee's bank account by BACS payment. While you could use a trusted friend or family member's bank account to receive payments, this can be a nightmare to organise and doesn't really help if you need to make withdrawals when they are not available.

CardOne accounts are one of the largest supplier of guaranteed bank accounts in the UK. They do not complete credit checks on potential customers and pride themselves on a 75-second set-up of your account. You do have to pay a £12.50 monthly fee, £17.50 a month for joint accounts but this is a small price to pay for use of your own, effective bank account. They also do not charge you for any bounced payments your account receives, as this is all factored in to your monthly fee. They have a call centre based in the UK and you can set up text alerts on your phone which will inform you when money is paid in to your account and when bills are paid.

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