Guide to insurance for cars in the UK

If you are looking at insurance for car in the UK, allow time for shopping and comparing, or you can be paying more than you should. Even if you already deal with a provider, there is no harm in looking around. You may realise that your provider is not giving you the best deal that you can qualify for, after all. If so, it may be time to move on.

Are you a senior citizen?

You already know that senior citizens qualify for a number of discounts so why not for car insurance? Becoming a senior citizen is a benefit in and of itself, so take advantage of it.

Do you have a clean driving record?

If your driving record is clean of accidents and tickets, it shows that you are a safe driver. Of course you must take advantage of this. Even if you do have tickets, consider if it will be worth while to wait until these have cleared (if it won't be long) so that you can avail to better insurance rates.

Are you a member of certain bodies?

Some insurance providers offer discounts to members of certain associations. You may not know until you ask. See if it is worthwhile to find a provider who offers a discount for the body you are associated with.

What is your profession?

Do you know that teachers tend to get better rates due to their profession. Teachers are generally considered safe drivers and insurance providers like to insure low-risk drivers.

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