Ha! Student Insurance makes going to Uni foolproof - well almost!

Ha, is it actually possible to Insure a Student? If student’s are getting up to what I got up to some years back, then absolutely no bloody way.

Most students are lucky to make it through their college years alive and with all necessary body parts still attached. But, thinking about it now - and I hate to admit this – but there seems to be a bit of sense in Student Insurance if for no other reason than a timely claim toward end of term for a month on Koh Samui of sarongs and full moon parties – but I didn’t say that!

O.K. so What can Student’s Insure? unfortunately not late papers, but think of what can and does go wrong while you’re in Uni. and that’ll cost you £££’s

Your flat gets Burgled yes, it’s going to happen, especially at night when you’re out partying and your dingy front door that would fall down at a sneeze is just calling out to sticky fingered individuals who know you’ve all got laptops and other such goodies lying about inside.

Gap Year which the Universities should just cop on and put on the syllabus and stop pretending that student’s go to Uni. for learning. Yes, along with your flat contents you can insure yourself while backpacking around the party destinations of the world.

And finally, Your Mobile Phone I don’t need to say much here except to illicit the sound of merry student simultaneously peeing and texting, the heavy splash in the bowl and the inevitable “Ah F**K” but no more, ‘cause those lovely student insurers will have you a new one in time to give her a bell the next day and see if you left your notes in her flat.

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