Halfords insurance for learner drivers

Learning to drive can be a nerve wracking experience, and it doesn't help that the cost of insurance for learner drivers can be so high at the best of times. Thankfully Halfords, who have long been established in the United Kingdom as an excellent provider of motor accessories, have seen that there was something of a problem in the market and moved to address the problem.

Rather than going all out and buying a super expensive full insurance policy when you are learning to drive, Halfords have introduced a brand new scheme that aims to take the financial burden off your shoulders. Since you're just learning, you're not going to be clocking up huge hours of drive time, and while you're at the wheel you'll be in the company of either your driving instructor or a fully licensed friend or family member in accordance with the law, so taking out a full 12 month policy would be wasteful.

Instead, for as little as £2.99 per day, you'll be able to insure yourself throughout the learning process on an ongoing basis. With no commitment to a long term deal. This is ideal, too, for parents who are uneasy at the thought of adding their inexperienced 17 year old son or daughter to their insurance policy for fear of losing part, or all, of their no claims discount in the event of an accident.

This policy means that the learner will have insurance in their own name, removing the risk of incurring penalties should they be involved in an accident.

As long as the car has a value of less than £16,000, Halfords insurance for learner drivers offers comprehensive cover for the vehicle, however it only covers the driver for a single vehicle - they will not be permitted to driver another one under the terms of the deal.

Finally, it is worth noting that Halfords learner insurance can not be the only insurance policy in effect for the car in question. It simply acts as supplementary cover to allow an additional driver to learn without the risk of losing the main driver's no claims discount.

For more information you can pop on over to www.halfordslearners.co.uk.

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