Bank of Scotland: Halifax Business Loan Calculator

In 2001, Halifax and the Bank of Scotland agreed to a merger (creating the Halifax Bank of Scotland, or HBOS) using combined products from both banks. Halifax doesn't offer a business loan or Halifax business loan calculator, but the product is available from the Bank of Scotland webpage (which mainly deals with the business banking side of the merger).

Even on the Bank of Scotland homepage for business loans there is no Bank of Scotland, or Halifax, business loan calculator. This is mainly due to the factors which need to be taken into consideration when taking out a loan with the Bank of Scotland; the bank is affiliated with several companies and partners, which offer discounts for certain customers, rates for different types of businesses and repayment holidays depending on your personal circumstances/your current bank. There is, however, a quick loan calculator on the personal loan page of the website which may give you a brief overview of loan amounts and eligibility.

You can view the personal loan page for Halifax and the Bank of Scotland at:

http://www.bankofscotlandhalifax.co.uk/loans/personalloan.asp (Bank of Scotland)

http://www.halifax.co.uk/HelpCentre/calculatorsandquotes.asp (Halifax)


Business Loans from Bank of Scotland

Based rates and fixed rates are available for customers eligible for business loans, as well as a variety of repayment holidays. You can borrow any sum from £1,000, but the maximum amount or amount offered by the Bank of Scotland will depend on personal circumstances and credit history. You can use the personal loan calculator from Halifax or Bank of Scotland (as the rates are relatively similar) to come up with a quick quote, but this won't accurately reflect the actual business loan you receive.

Because there is no Bank of Scotland or Halifax business loan calculator it's normally better to consider calling the bank and requesting information on a business loan. You can contact Bank of Scotland on 0845 300 0268 (you must be an existing customer with Halifax or Bank of Scotland) or online through the Bank of Scotland link above. You can also view the "loan checklist" for business loans at: http://www.bankofscotlandbusiness.co.uk/pdf/finance_application_checklist.pdf .

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