Trouble holding onto your phone? Halifax Mobile Insurance might be for you!

If you're the clumsy type of sod who regularly loses or breaks their mobile phone (just like we are!) then you might be interested in the Ultimate Reward Current Account deal from Halifax which offers customers free Halifax Mobile Insurance.

The account, which won the 2010/2011 Personal Finance Awards prize for Best Premium Current Account, comes chock full of features and benefits including:

Worldwide Multi Trip Family Travel Insurance for two adults and their children (for kids to qualify they must be either under the age of 16, or under the age of 23 and in full time education) which includes winter sports and golf trips.

AA Accident Management, which entitles you to AA assistance during any repairs, claim processing or recovery that is needed for the covered vehicle.

AA Breakdown Cover which entitles you as not only a driver, but also a passenger in all vehicles eligible for the scheme, to free roadside assistance should you ever require it).

Home Emergency Cover, protecting from any damages incurred through broken windows or damaged pipes.

Identity Theft Protection, Travel Accident Cover, Card Protection, Purchase Protection and Price Promise are also included with the account.

But it's the Mobile Phone Insurance that we're really interested in, and Halifax are offering cover should your phone be stolen, lost or damaged while you're at home or abroad - absolutely perfect, especially if you've got a swanky new smartphone!

All of the above is available for a mere £12.50 per month with your Ultimate Reward Current Account, alongside the promise that Halifax will give you £5 for each month you pay a minimum of £1,000 into your account.

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