Halifax Mortgage Products

Halifax has mortgage products for new and existing customers, all of which have excellent rates. The type of mortgage rate you want will of course affect the repayments you make, but the wide range of products available from Halifax should help you make the right choice.


Halifax Mortgage Products for Existing Customers

Halifax offers the same mortgages to existing customers but allows them to borrow extra money (or remortgage) at better rates, such to Halifax as their current provider with a guaranteed better deal (in most circumstances) or take out a new mortgage with them if your current mortgage is coming to an end. Most people prefer to keep all their finances with one company, so it could be an option to switch to Halifax if you're looking for some benefits as a customer.


First Time Buyer Halifax Mortgage

Halifax has specialised fixed rate and tracker mortgages for first time buyers. You first need to contact Halifax and make sure you qualify for their product and then you will be guided through the process of selecting the right mortgage for you requirements; there aren't many details on their site about first time buyer mortgages as most of this is provided based on individual requirements at a face to face interview.


Fixed Rate Mortgages

Fixed rate mortgages come with less than a 25% deposit in some cases, but you can select if you want over 25% deposit mortgages or under 25% and sort out the finer details of the loan when you speak to one of their advisors. The average APR for fixed rate mortgages from Halifax is around 4.2%.


Tracker Mortgages

Again, the Halifax tracker mortgage offers a choice of below 25% deposits or above 25% deposits. The term does influence monthly repayments but the general interest rate for tracker mortgages is 4.4% APR, coinciding with Bank of England interest rates.

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