Keep on top of things with the Halifax mortgages calculator

If, like many, you find yourself overwhelmed by your monthly outgoings and aren't quite sure where all the money is disappearing to, then it might be prudent to try to get a better grasp of everything by using the free Halifax mortgages calculator, available on the official Halifax website located at www.halifax.co.uk.

Or if you don't yet have a mortgage, but are planning on taking one out in the near future once banks start offering better deals to first time buyers, it always pays to have an early understanding on just how much you can expect your monthly outgoings to be. This will allow you to adjust your budget now, so that when it comes time to bite the bullet and get yourself a brand new home, you'll be more than ready to jump straight into the mortgage repayments.

We've come across an awful lot of mortgage calculators in the last few years, some better than others, and we've been pleasantly surprised by just how straightforward and intuitive the one on offer from Halifax is when compared to some of the others available online.

The process really couldn't be simpler. All you need to do is log onto the website, go to the mortgages section and select Mortgage Calculator, before answering the list of questions on the page.

There's nothing too confusing asked of you, as questions range from "What would you like the mortgage for", with options of "to buy my first home", "to remortgage my home", "to move home", "to buy to let", "current deal coming to an end (existing customer)" and "additional borrowing (existing customer)". This is an example of just how intuitive and free of complicated financial terminology the whole thing is, so you should feel comfortable with the process.

Once you've filled everything out, simply click on "find me a mortgage" to display a list of mortgages, complete with the monthly repayments that best suit your requirements. Easy!

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