Why customers should use Halifax online banking

The main benefit of Halifax online banking is that it is quicker and simpler than telephone banking or visiting a branch. Instead of having to arrange a time to visit the bank, customers can withdraw or pay their funds in a matter of seconds. They may also transfer money between their current account and savings account whenever they wish.

With Halifax online banking, customers can look at their balance and view a history of their recent transactions. They may also arrange direct debits to other accounts, which is a convenient option for payments such as monthly rent, gym membership and other installments.

People may also arrange to transfer their money abroad and they can order any travel money that they require for a trip. This can be collected from a local branch or it can be delivered to a customer's address. The online service also offers people the opportunity to apply for loans or credit cards, which is generally quicker than filling out an application by hand.

Upon registering for an online account, individuals must register a password in addition to a special code that should contain memorable information. Halifax will only ask for three letters or numbers from this code each time a customer logs in. This helps to reduce the risk of criminals gaining access to the account. For security reasons, Halifax and all other UK banks will never request any personal details such as a password or a security number from a customer. People who receive e-mails that appear to be suspicious should report them immediately.

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